Surfing, Racial Justice, and Environmental Justice

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(Photo above by Brady Lawrence, 1 Planet One People)

We are always looking out for inspiring people working to protect the ocean. We first heard about 1 Planet One People through our moms, who knew one of the founders, Selema “Sal” Masekela, through their work in the snow and surf industries. Sal co-founded 1 Planet One People with other African American surfers Danielle Black Lyons, Hunter Jones, and Ryan Harris. Ryan co-founded Earth Technologies with Todd Patterson, making eco-friendly, high-performance boards (which we’re hoping to be riding one day).

Not only are Sal, Ryan, Danielle, Hunter, and Todd working to protect the ocean, they are also raising awareness about the connection between environmental justice and racial justice and making boards without all of the waste and pollution from regular board shaping. 


As 1 People One Planet says, “United we stand, Divided we fall.” So do your part. Here are two ACTION ITEMS for you to do:

  1. Post about racial and environmental justice actions, events, goals, etc. and use the tag #1PlanetOnePeople.
  2. Get your next board from Earth Technologies.
Tag #ecoboardsarerad and also #pacbleu if you post about any of this too, so we know we had an impact. Thank you.

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