Back to that time I met Jordy Smith at the Jackson Hole Airport!

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So once we were in Jackson Hole snowboarding with our new Jones Snowboards. Snowboarding with a Jones Board is awesome because you know it is made sustainably and it helps you charge on the mountains.
We were staying with one of my best friends and the trip had already been amazing. Great snow, fun friends, yummy food, dreamy boards and then to make it even better we got to the airport to go home and standing right in front of us in line was one of my favorite surfers…… Jordy Smith. He was super nice and it was fun to meet him. It made me feel like some of the ocean I love so much was right there with me in Jackson! To make it even better there was a huge snowstorm, we got bumped off our flight and we got to go back to our friends house and snowboard for four more days!!! – Sebastian

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