Five Simple Things You Can Do to Protect the Ocean

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YOU MATTERYou know that quote about how everything begins with one step? Well even if you don’t, we’re telling you it’s, every step counts and you matter.

As as of spring 2020, there are 7.8 BILLION people on earth right now and 331,002,651 MILLION people in the United States over the age of 18. That is a lot of voting power and purchasing power! If everyone (that means YOU and/or YOUR parents, if you are under 18) did these five things, our oceans would be in a lot better shape and we’d all be less worried about the future of life on our planet.

  1. Avoid single use plastics. Just. Don’t. Buy. Plastic Water Bottles. Plastic Straws. Plastic bags. Plastic toys. Plastic kitchenware. Just don’t.
  2. Do buy plastic alternatives because it supports companies doing things in new and better ways. For example, look for products made with fast-growing plants like algae, seaweed, and bamboo.
  3. Choose products made with non-toxic ingredients. From soap, to paint, sunscreen, and cleaning supplies, whatever rinses off of you or out of your house eventually enters the ground and then our waterways and then our oceans. The chemicals then kill plants and animals that are critical to a healthy ocean.
  4. Vote for courageous and forward-thinking leaders who will stand up against the old way of doing things and take a stand for a healthy future: renewable energy, the regulation of toxic chemicals, and remembering we are all connected. To learn more about this, check out our #VOTEBLEU campaign and JOIN US today!
  5. Eat smart by choosing locally grown or raised and organic whenever possible. And when it comes to seafood, choose sustainably caught and if the restaurant or store you are at doesn’t have it, ask them to make a commitment to serve only Sustainable Seafood. Click here to download recommendations for your region from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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