Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Lovers of Ocean and Earth

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As surfers, brothers, and cousins, we know that everything is connected and that everything we put in, on, or around us, impacts natural systems like the ocean. The way COVID-19 traveled around the world, impacting lives everywhere, so too do the chemicals used to make everyday products – you just don’t see their impact as quickly. Plastics, parabens, phthalates….they’re not good for us, or the ocean.
When you look back on 2020 and ahead to 2021, remember we are all connected and you can flex your purchasing power to support companies doing better for the ocean and earth. These are some of our favorites.

The Moonbeam, by Rob Machado because it makes your average surf better. And Rob is just the most inspiring dude ever.

To-Go Ware Stainless Lunch Box, because we go on a lot of road trips looking for surf and you just don’t want to be that guy showing up at the beach with a styrofoam take out box.

Sunski Sunglasses, because they are polarized shades made of recycled plastic and they’re from San Francisco, near Ocean Beach, another one of our go-to surf spots.

Bamboo Essentials Travel Utensils Set, because you can’t always just get a burrito and use your hands.

Bureo Ahi Performance Cruiser Skateboard, because these guys are sooo cool! They’re making products using fishing nets pulled out of the ocean, providing jobs and cleaning up our waves.

Jones Snowboards because we’ve grown up with Jeremy, the boards are sick, and he inspires us every time we hang out.

Method Men Sea + Surf Body Wash, because life is complicated enough, showering should not be.

Reusable Net Grocery Bags, because our Grandma Nyuszi used these when she was growing up in Hungary and she taught us early on that reusable cloth was better than single use plastic.

Bee Scrubbee because sometimes your surf feet have too much time on shore and need a little scrubbing for playing footsies.

Hydroflask Reusable Water Bottle, because there is just no excuse not to BYOB anymore.

Santa Cruz Medicinals Pain Salve, because it’s made in one of our go-to surf spots, Santa Cruz, and our shoulders can always use it after a big day.

Eucalyptus Fiber and Merino Wool Socks by Allbirds, because cold water surfs along the California coast mean we often need to warm up our toes and we really like Aussies.

Ventana Surfboards, because these guys are making surfable art out of reclaimed wood, and they were our first interview!

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket, because everything good in the world somehow seems to link back to Patagonia.

Thank you for making your shopping count for more than just stuff. Happy holidays!

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