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*pact | /pakt/ | noun: a formal agreement between individuals or parties.

Fellow surfers and ocean-loving people. Please join us and make a pact to restore and protect the ocean. It is our goal to inspire 10,000 individuals to commit to the five actions below.

  1. Stop buying plastic water bottles. Get a few reusable water ones instead and keep them in your car, beach bag, school backpack etc. so you have no excuses. 
  2. Just say no to plastic bags and packaging. Stop accepting and using plastic. No excuses. Think groceries, take-out meals, toys, gear, shopping of any kind. Americans throw away 100 billion plastic bags annually. That’s about 307 bags per person! Bring your own cloth bags wherever you go, or just carry your stuff.

  1. Vote for leaders who worry less about getting re-elected and more about long-term health and wellness of our planet and people. If you are not yet old enough to vote, talk to everyone who cares about you and is over 18 to vote on your behalf. Please also contact your representatives to Support the Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act.
  2. If it goes in, on, or around your body or home, choose organic. 80% of global marine pollution comes from chemicals: sunscreen, bath and body products, agriculture runoff, untreated sewage, pesticides, fertilizers.
  3. Recognize environmental justice means racial justice. Both ocean, air, and water pollution from hazardous waste and chemical use, and extreme weather events from climate change, unequally impact low-income areas and communities of color.  communities of color. Take action to become anti-racist and reduce pollution.

Together we can:

  • keep 130,000 plastic bottles out of our oceans and off of our beaches;
  • prevent 3,070,000 plastic bags from polluting our oceans and beaches.
  • start changing the systems that cause racism and climate change.

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